Water softening in Hertford, Broxbourne and Harlow

There are many advantages to installing a soft water system, including a strong financial incentive. 

The average household could save in the region of £200 a year in repairs and heating bills by simply having a soft water system installed.

We supply all the major brands in water softening including:

  • Kinetico water softeners
  • Nuwave water softeners
  • Crown water softeners
  • Tapworks water softeners
  • Homesoft water softeners

Advantages of using a water softener:

  • Improved efficiency of hot water heating systems
  • Less irritation to skin
  • Luxurious feel to bathing water
  • Fewer stains on dishes
  • Cleaned products sparkle
We supply to the Lea Valley, Harlow and Hertford areas.
For more information please call D.S. Water Softeners Ltd on 01992 478 325
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